11 Jan 2023

Purchasing a vehicle is undoubtedly a crucial decision as it involves a lot of your hard-earned money but what’s more critical is taking an auto insurance policy. Selecting auto insurance in Dorchester is not a cakewalk; you have to consider numerous points before opting for one. Some of the salient points are covered below


1. Understand the basic plan and terms and conditions

The first and foremost thing while buying car insurance in Dorchester is to know the basic plan and the terms and conditions of the policy thoroughly. Everyone knows the policy benefits but very few read the exclusions. Hence, it’s prominent to know what the policy covers and what it doesn’t.

2. Ask and compare quotations

You need to bring quotations whether the question is about purchasing a car or car insurance. The market is full of insurance companies who face cut-throat competition hence, it’s beneficial for you to ask prices and opt for the one that gives maximum coverage at the same/least premium.

3. Ask about policy portability

It’s not a life-term commitment. You can stick to one company providing auto insurance in Dorchester only till the time you are satisfied with their services. Whenever you feel someone else is providing better services, you can switch to that company. Just enquire about the same before buying the policy.

4. Add-ons

You have the right to know about the add-ons provided by the insurance service providers for your car insurance in Dorchester. Add-on covers anything that can be added to your existing policy at a little extra premium, like roadside assistance, key-loss, passenger assistance, daily allowance, tyre damage (due to accident) add-on covers, etc.

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